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Secretariat Library Rules



(Amended up to 2019)


        * Library : Library means Karnataka Government Secretariat Library.

        * Committee : Committee means Constituted by the Government.

        * Sub-Committee : Sub-Committee means Book Selection Sub-Committee


2) The Secretariat Library is mainly a general reference Library for all sections of the Secretariat. A Reading Room is also attached to the Library.

3) The Library is under the control of the Additional Chief Secretary to Government and is under the immediate charge of a Chief Librarian.

4) The Library will be kept open on all working days, during prescribed hours.



* All persons who enter the Library shall enter their names and addresses legibly in a book which is kept for the purpose at the entrance. Such signatures shall be taken as acknowledgement   that the   person agrees to conform to the rules/ procedure of the Library . The Chief Librarian or the person in charge, may refuse entry of such member/ visitor- who refuses to sign the gate Register.

* A Person not of sound mind or who is found undesirable or offensively unclean in person or dress or is suffering from any infections or contagious disease shall not be admitted into the Library.

* Bags , Boxes, Umbrellas, printed material in loose or in bound form and other receptacles, shall be left at the entrance.  Persons who enter the Library will be personally held responsible for their belongings.

* Silence shall be observed in the Library. If any member/ visitor is found to be causing disturbance by talking / speaking  loudly or chit  chatting , the Chief Librarian may remove or cause to be removed such person / Persons from the Library.

* Spitting  and  Smoking  are  strictly  prohibited  in the Library.

* Relaxing and sleeping inside the Library is strictly prohibited.

* The Chief Librarian or the officers in charge of the Library may refuse admission to any section of the Library, if in the opinion of the officer concerned, it is not desirable to allow admission.

* Only library members have access to the Library.  So members cannot bring others, children, and college students with them to the library.



All officers and staff of the Karnataka Government Secretariat are entitled to enroll themselves, as members.   The officers/ officials who work on deputation basis in Karnataka Government Secretariat can also get library membership subject to certain conditions.

The following persons to become members of the Library subject to such persons depositing Rs.400/-  which is refundable and paying Rs.20/- as membership fee and such other conditions as it may lay down:

* Retired Officers belonging to the IAS., IPS., IFS., KAS., Karnataka Judicial Service, Karnataka Government Secretariat Group ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ who were members of the Secretariat Library before their retirement.

* Persons in the field of Art, Culture and Journalism.



* A member shall be given borrowers cards to take books  and magazines for home reading.

* A book shall be lent to a member only in exchange for his card, which will be handed back to the reader when he/she returns the book.

* Books on loan shall be returned on or before the due date stamped / marked on the books or 15days whichever is earlier.

* Loan may be renewed at the discretion of the Chief Librarian for a further period of a fortnight on production of the book at the Library, provided no other member has applied for the book in the mean time.

* Books are issued to the members for their personal use. These should not be lent to others by the borrower.

* Only members shall have the right of access to the lending section , for the purpose  of  borrowing books , but their representatives, duly authorised by them, may be admitted and allowed to borrow books on their behalf , provided they hold a letter of authority from the member concerned to the satisfaction of the Chief  Librarian

(* Amended as per G.O. No. DPAR 62 LBM 1995, dated 19-12-1995)

* The member shall be responsible for any  book  issued  against his/her card.

* Before leaving the counter, the member shall satisfy himself or herself as to whether the book, that is lent, is in sound condition and if it  is not, shall immediately bring the matter to the notice of the Chief Librarian or his nominee ; otherwise he/ she is liable to replace the book by a sound  copy or to pay its cost and  other charges.

* Books on loan can be recalled and the loan terminated at any time at the discretion of the Chief Librarian.

* A member may request the Chief Librarian to reserve a book except books which are classified as books as reference.

* If a book is not returned to the Library when due, a fine of  per book per day up to  15 days and from 16th day Rs.1/-  per day shall be charged up to maximum of an amount equal to the price of the book.

* If the book in not returned along with the amount due when the fine has reached the maximum then the price of   the book and the fine shall  be recovered from the salary of the  concerned or adjusted out of  the deposit  amount.

* If one book or volume of a set is damaged or lost the member concerned shall be liable to replace the whole set.

* No person shall, write upon damage, make a tracing of any portion or any mark upon  any book  belonging to the library.

* The value of the book or books lost or damaged shall be immediately credited to the library with a fine of Rs.5/- per book or 25% extra cost whichever is more.



* Books can be issued for official use in the Department /Minister’s Office for reference, on the personal responsibility of the concerned officer as against production of their library membership card.

* No books shall be issued from the Secretariat Library to any one without a proper.

* The borrower of the book shall be responsible for the replacement value of the book lent to him if it has been lost or mislaid or otherwise cannot be returned to the library after such recall. The acknowledgement of the borrowers card shall be considered sufficient proof of such non-return.



A member who has lost his borrower card, shall immediately make a written report to this effect to the Chief Librarian and shall make a declaration in the prescribed form. The duplicate card shall be issued on payment of Rs.50/- per card for the first time and Rs.100/- per card for the subsequent lost. 

Notwithstanding such replacement of tickets, a member shall be held responsible for any book borrowed on the original as well as the duplicate card and library shall not undertake responsibility of detecting the misuses of such lost cards.

If a borrower card is soiled or mutilated on constant use it may be brought to the notice of the Chief Librarian to get a replacement of the card.  



* Every book or publication purchased for or received in the Karnataka Government Secretariat Library shall be entered into the stock register (Accession Register), before release to the reader.

* All the Staff working in the library shall be under the control of the Chief Librarian and carry out all the work entrusted by the Chief Librarian from time to time.

* The Chief Librarian is responsible for the proper performances of all work connected with the Library and for ensuring that the staff under him carry out their duties satisfactorily. He should see that all records are correctly maintained that books are supplied promptly on proper requisition and their return carefully watched.

* The staff working under the control of the Chief Librarian shall also be responsible for any damage done to the properties or loss of books in the library, due to their negligence.

* The proper classification of the books according to Library Rules, is also the duty of Chief Librarian.

* An up-to date catalogue of books in the library should be maintained for reference.

* News papers and other periodicals received in the Library shall be placed in the Reading Room of the Library during the lunch break for reference and use by the officials.

* Such of the newspapers and periodicals which are of bound and which do not require retention in the Library may be sold as waste paper as per orders of Government, issued from time to time.

* Reference books should not be lent out.

* All books returned should immediately restored to their proper place.



     * The following officers are having financial powers for purchasing of books/periodicals etc., for the use of library as mentioned below :-

Sl. No.


At a time

Maximum limit

(per annum)


Chief Librarian and

Ex-Officio Under Secretary to Government


(Rupees Six thousand only)



(Rupees One lakh only)


Principal Chief Librarian and Ex-Officio Deputy Secretary to Government


(Rupees Twenty five thousand only)



(Rupees Three lakh only)


Additional Chief Secretary/ Principal Secretary/ Secretary to Government, DPAR (A.R.)

-No limit-



(Rupees Ten lakh only)


12) BOOK SELECTON COMMITTEE: The selection and purchase of books required for the Secretariat Library will be made by standing committee of officers to be constituted for the purpose. The Committee will meet as frequently as necessary, but at least once in every quarter to consider the various suggestions received to scrutinise the catalogues of books and other Literature received from the publishing firms and to recommend the books to be purchased for the Secretariat Library.

(*Inserted vide G.O. No. DPAR 35 LBM 2018, dated 13-11-2018)

13) DAMAGED BOOKS: Books which are worn out and damaged may be written off from the stock register after obtaining approval of the Library Committee in each case.

14) STOCK VERIFICATIONS: Stock verification of books shall be done at least once a year.

15) LOSS OF BOOKS: It is the duty of the Chief Librarian and the staff to ensure that no books are lost from the Library. However after the stock verification every year, if books are found missing without having been issued, a report may be made to the Library Committee. The Library Committee may order recovery of cost of books from the staff of the library if it is found that the loss is due to negligence of the staff. If it is satisfied otherwise, it may write off  the value of the lost books.

16) INTER LIBRARY LOAN: The Chief Librarian may enter into agreements with other Government and Semi-Government Libraries of reputed for Inter-Library Loan facilities.

17) Members and all others visiting the Library shall be bound by these rules in force from time to time.



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