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Library Sections

Different Sections of the Library


1.  Acquisition Section

2.  Technical Section

3.  Circulation and Reference Section

4.  Periodical Section

5.  Administration Section

6.  Binding Section


 1. Acquisition Section :

  • Inviting Book selection committee meeting.
  • Collecting the book reviews published in various newspapers/magazines.
  • Arrangements to be made for procuring the selected books from the book vendors/Publishers.
  • Reminders to be sent, if the books are not supplied in time.
  • Taking the entries of Gift books in the respective register and sending the acknowledgement letters to the donors.
  • Registration of New books in Accession Register.
  • Generating the barcode labels.
  • Maintaining the respective registers pertaining to the purchase of books.
  • Preparing the D.C. bill/steps to be taken for payment of bills.
  • Perusal of the proposals given by the members regarding the purchase of new books.
  • Action to be taken to replace the lost books for which the dues have been collected and written off .


 2. Technical Section :

  • Classification of new books
  • Preparing the book cards and due date slips for the new books
  • Details of the books to be entered into the computer
  • Fixing spine labels to the books
  • Maintenance of the necessary Registers
  • Preparation of Annual report


  3. Circulation Section and Reference Section :

  • Providing membership for secretariat library to the officials of secretariat.
  • Issue/return of books and maintenance of browsing area.
  • Fine collecting for the delay/ lost books/magazines from members.
  • Remitting the fine collection to the treasury and getting the receipt.
  • Maintenance of the concerned fine collection register.
  • Maintenance of the statistics of the issue of books to the members.
  • Shelf rectification
  • Sending the torn books to the binding section for binding.
  • Providing reprographic services.
  • Preparing the list of books which has not been borrowed since 15 years and which has no historical importance. This list is prepared for the purpose of  weeding out the books.
  • Sending reminders to the members who have not returned the books to the library in time.
  • Repayment of Deposit to the members.
  • Issuing additional borrowing cards
  • Issuing Duplicate borrowing cards
  • Feeding of  information to the computer regarding members’ record.
  • Issuing of No Due certificate
  • Display of information in respect of the library  for the use of members on the notice boards.
  • Taking necessary steps to deduct the cost of books with fine according to library rules from the salary of the members.


 4. Periodical Section :

  • Calling for Tender for the purchase of Magazines and Newspapers
  • Annual subscription/subscription renewal
  • Maintaining the details of the Newspapers/Magazines in the concerned registers
  • Payment of bill to   the suppliers once in 3 months.
  • Making note of the  non supply of newspapers/magazines.
  • Sending reminders to the suppliers to supply the non supplied newspapers/magazines.
  • Dealing with proposals of delay condonation.
  • Examine and according permission to the Officers  who serve in Secretariat on deputation basis for obtaining  newspapers/magazines in Government Cost
  • .
  • Disposal of Old newspapers /magazines once in 3 months 
  • Calling for Annual tender for the disposal of old newspapers/magazines.
  • To Keep a copy of newspapers  and selected magazines as reference


5. Administration Section :

  • All correspondences with respective Departments regarding day to day affairs of Library
  • Preparation of Training Modules periodically for the Apprentice Trainees.
  • To give practical training to the Apprentice Trainees.
  • To give guidance to the pre-apprentice trainees deputed by the Polytechnic Colleges
  • To Monitor the cleanliness of the library.
  • To Monitor the spraying of pesticides regularly.
  • To Monitor the proper lighting of the Library.
  • Maintenance of Xerox Machines, Scanners, Computers, Printers.
  • Annual Stock Verification and sending report on time.
  • Arranging New books on the New arrival racks.
  • Displaying important and special news clippings on the Notice Board.
  • Updating Annual Stock check details in the respective stock registers.
  • Maintaining service matters of the Officers/Staff of Library.
  • To monitor and to get the Stationary items required by the Library
  •  Purchasing of Laminating  rolls, book ends etc required by the library
  • To deal with Audit reports, Assembly/council questions, providing any information related to library


 6. Binding Section :

  • To paste book pockets to the New books.
  • To put spine labels and plastic wrappers to the books.
  • Binding the old and torn books properly.
  • Submitting proposals for the procurement of Stationary items required by the Binding section  from the  Government Press.

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